Encore Anti-Reflective Coatings

Encore offers PREMIUM AR coatings using ZEISS-manufactured and maintained equipment. We offer in-house inspired coating along with ZEISS and ZEISS Super-Hydrophobic all which provide super scratch-resistant surfaces and ease of cleaning.

Encore Equipment

Encore Optical has invested in the latest technology in digital surfacing using the newest Schneider equipment capable of producing free-form progressive lenses, in addition to, all other traditional lenses with accuracy to .01 of a diopter in contrast to conventional surfacing technology which is limited to .12 to .25 diopters.

In order to assure our customers receive the highest quality in anti-reflective coatings, we have become a Certified Carl ZEISS Anti-Reflective Laboratory supervised by Carl ZEISS’ headquarters which monitors Encore Optical through a rigorous series of daily tests to insure our certified status.

Encore Lab