Encore Anti-Reflective Coatings

In order to assure our customers receive the highest quality in anti-reflective coatings, we have become a Certified Carl ZEISS Anti-Reflective Laboratory supervised by Carl ZEISS’ headquarters which monitors Encore Optical through a rigorous series of daily tests to insure our certified status.

Encore offers PREMIUM AR coatings using ZEISS-manufactured and maintained equipment. We offer in-house inspired coating along with ZEISS and ZEISS Super-Hydrophobic all which provide super scratch-resistant surfaces and ease of cleaning.

Encore Surfacing

  • Using Schneider Digital Surfacing equipment, we are able to produce free-form progressive lenses for superior optics and customer personalization.  By cutting the progressive Add to the back of the lenses, the prescription is closer to the patient’s eye reducing distortion and adding wider field of view. We are also able to customize the channel height and width to optimize the patient’s benefits.  Digital free-form surfacing also provides the capability to create Wrap Progressives increasing the number of frame options for your customer. Our diverse capabilities create “one-stop-shop” eliminated the burden of using multiple laboratories.

  • If your customer prefers conventional progressive, bi-focal, or need ground single-vision lenses, we surface all our jobs using digital equipment for unbeatable quality.

  • While equipment is critical, it is not everything.  The talent and skills of our experience staff enable us to go above-and-beyond expectations to achieve thinner lenses, digitized slab-offs, and more.

Encore Finishing

  • As a full-service lab, Encore Optical can cut, edge, tint and install lenses into patient frames.  Using the advance “lab management” software, the frames are traced, surfaced and finished through the use of precise, high-capacity Briot tracers and edgers.

  • We also specialize in rimless glasses and are pleased to have years of skilled craftsmen to meticulously assemble near works-of-art.  By combining the experience and expertise of our from accomplished personnel with a full digital surfacing lab, we can provide speed and quality that is unmatched by any competitor